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Design and Consultation

The design of your concrete landscape curbing is important. The design entails the color, stamp, flowing of curves, and different applications. The Curbing Edge, LLC's experience will enable us to help you choose the most attractive designs to accentuate your home.

Design Reminders:

  • Straight areas of curbing should be just that…straight.

  • Curved areas of curbing should flow smoothly and gracefully (VERY IMPORTANT).

  • Proper training and exposure is necessary to meet the demand of both of these design. The Curbing Edge, LLC can successfully install both types of designs.

Curb beginning and ends

  • A professional technique is needed to perfect starts, stops, and corners. Each of these beginning and ends should flow smoothly and be pleasing to the eye.

Job Preparation

  • Group preparation: The grass will be removed to eliminate grasses between curb and ground. The grasses are disposed by The Curbing Edge, LLC unless otherwise stated by the homeowner.


  • Polypropylene fiber is added slowly for proper distribution throughout the mixture. The color is added to the mix in the same manner, allowing color to be mixed throughout the entirety of the curbing.


  • Integrated coloring will always be used. Integral coloring allows the color to be mixed throughout the entirety of the mixture. This ensures the curbing will look its best for years to come.


  • Strength of the concrete curbing should be no less than 4,000 pounds per square inch (psi), allowing lawn mowers to run long with edge without causing damage. For added strength, The Curbing Edge, LLC installs an 1/8 inch steel throughout the entirety of the curbing, as well as, mixing polypropylene fiber in the mixture. We also apply various admixtures and surface hardeners to decrease chances of cracking and ensure longevity of the concrete surface.

Stamping and Texture

  • Experience is the key to this step. Any stamp should look natural, clean, and compliment your home. A texture is applied to all curbing to enhance the landscape curbing’s aesthetics.

Control Joints

  • Control Joints are applied every 2 to 2 ½ feet to minimize hairline cracks. (Hairline cracks cannot be prevented in any concrete, but a professional can take steps to control them.) All control joints are covered with a stamp pattern in order to maintain the design.


  • A “30 percent solids, cure and seal” is applied to the curbing no less than two times prior to leaving the site. The sealant application adds an extra layer of protection to the landscape concrete curbing.


  • Grasses from the sod removal will be removed and hauled off by The Curbing Edge, LLC, unless otherwise stated by the homeowner. Concrete residue in front of the newly installed curbing will be picked up by us, not left for the homeowner. As well as, mulch will be redistributed to the back edge of the curbing, when available. After installation is complete, there should not be any extra work for the homeowner to do other than enjoy their new curb appeal.

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