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Start with trust; check out our reviews. Get your concrete curbing from the “original” concrete company.


The Curbing Edge, LLC has been installing decorative concrete curbing to add the finishing touch to any aspect of your home since 2002. We offer unmatched concrete strength, fully integrated color and antiquing, reinforcement with galvanized cable and fiber mesh, industry leading and hand-crafted stamps that makes a lasting impression. Curbing can enhance your landscaping, patios, playgrounds, walkways, mailboxes, trees, and so much more. We can complement any color and are continuously adding to our stamp portfolio!




As everything in the world, decorative concrete curbing is an evolving product. We firmly believe that you must stay relevant and ahead of the game. At The Curbing Edge, LLC, we are constantly researching, training, and sharing curbing strategies with other curbers across the United States. In our area, we so often hear ‘curbing is curbing’; however, that is not exactly true. Take a minute to check out The Curbing Edge, LLC difference.


What makes us different from other companies?

  • Unmatched concrete strength: We use 94lb bags in every mix. Mixes that are made with less cement and more sand are more susceptible to cracking, color fading, and longevity of curbing stamped surface.

  • Fully integrated color and varied accent color antiquing: Our coloring techniques create a more realistic appearance.

  • Reinforcement with a galvanized cable and fiber mesh: Provides extra strength and longevity of curbing integrity.

  • Industry leading, hand-crafted stamp techniques. We create many of our own stamps that cannot be purchased elsewhere.

  • Stamped front edges: We stamp the front edge of the curbing to create a more realistic impression.

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